Welcome Matteo Spanu

MaverX is proud to announce a new Windsurfing talent in our XTeam!

Matteo Spanu from Sardinia is official joins in our XTeamRiders!



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Matteo is going to use the MaverX MX100 Replica on his Sails.

The Sardinian Wave sailor is a veteran of our Sport, his home spot is one of the best spot on the Mediterranean sea: Capo Mannu!

His goal is to promote windsurfing with the new generation, working with new Windsurfing School in Italy and Brasil.

He is a very technical athlete and attentive to detail, MaverX will use his experience not only for the Wave’s Masts but for the Slalom one as well!

Moreover, he will be part of the research and development of new MaverX models.



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