Maintenance care

We put energy, passion, effort and almost 30 years experience in Carbon Technology to produce our Masts. We want you to forget about all our efforts and let you enjoying your brand new MaverX mast. Your reward will be earlier planning, effortless sailing in every conditions, user friendly rigging whatever is your sails. Anyhow as for all the most precious things, your Mast needs care and attention. Please strictly follow these suggestions to keep your MaverX mast “in good shape” and – most important – your sailing safe.

  • Avoid any impact. Carbon cracks might not be visible and breakage can occur in unwanted moments. In case of doubt, we suggest you to change your mast.
  • Don’t leave your rig exposed under the sun. When the temperature is 30°C a mast can reach up to 80°C and that can affect carbon structure. Rig and de-rig in the shade, if possible.
  • When you take a break between sessions, especially in hot climate, we recommend you to release downhaul. It only takes a minute but it is months of life for your mast!
  • Always insert a minimum 15 cm mast extension on SDM masts and 12 cm on RDM masts.
  • Do not overtight your boom especially on SDM mast. If you deform the shape of your mast you are going to break it.
  • Double check while rigging your sail that mast Top and Bottom stay always in perfect contact. The ferrule must be completely inserted. This is one of the most common cause of breakage.
  • Use your bag to carry your MaverX mast. Remember to handle it with care. Carbon is a very fragile material.

Hope you find these suggestions useful. Now take the most out of you MaverX mast and see you on the water!