MaverX on sails



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General consideration before choosing a mast

The mast and fins are the parts of the rig most taken for granted, yet they are as important as the board and the sail affecting considerably all aspects of your windsurfing experience. A good mast will raise your performance and increase your enjoyment on the water.

The knowledge that upgrading your mast will imporve your sailing is often only gained after years of experience combined with a passion for windsurfing and desire to achieve even greater levels of skill and board control. A MaverX mast in partnership with a high quality sail is the ideal way to improve your capability.

In the human body a well formed and healthy skeleton leads to efficient and athletic movements. In a windsurfing  the mast acts just like that skeleton enabling the sail to deliver power with the maximum controllability. When loomking for that extra level of performance from your rig , it is a wise decision to upgrade the mast before other parts.

Rigging compatibility

The question everybody asks when deciding on a new mast is : will a MaverX mast be compatible with my sail?

To answer this question there are first of all  two important considerations:


A well rigged sail on land is a good starting point and this  depends on the mast curve and the type of sail. Every manufacturer recommends a specific luff lenght and curve for each sail model.  Curves are divided in 3 types and the every sail  has a “suggested” luff ( extension required) and type of mast ; hard top, constant and flex top. Although in modern sails differences exist,  almost all sails in the market require a CONSTANT CURVE mast that is  the curve of a MaverX mast. Yes, there are differences between a sail and another, but the expert sailor always knows how to close this gap by visually deciding the proper amount of downhaul and outhaul; something that we normally do when wind conditions change and we tune up the sail for these conditions. All MaverX masts have a constant curve that together with a precise ( and elswhere overlooked) IMCS value , perfectly matches all high-performance sails on the market today.

Using a MaverX constant curve mast on a more flex top or more hard top “declared” sail  will not cause any problem. It is infact uneccesary to match them exactly , other variables like surfer weight, sail vs mast condition ( used vs new) have a major impact on all above mentioned matches: it is far better to set your sail by sight and experience.

NOTE: IMCS is a value that  stands for International Mast Check System and was an attempt by the industry to standardise the stiffness of masts regardless of the length; in a nutshell  it  dictates  how much the mast bends when a known force ( 30 kilo on the center of a mast)  is exerted on it. The higher the number , the stiffer the mast. The formula and method for the tech or curious  surfer is here.


This is where a MaverX mast differentiates from other brands and adds value to your windsurfing experience .

All masts are made from  carbon, but not all the carbon is the same; just like diamonds ( that is -btw- an allotropic form of carbon ). As for everything we buy, the quality of the raw material varies between manufacturers: poor quality carbon adversely affects the performance of the mast. At Reglass we manufacture each mast by selecting the best raw material, the same used in the automotive and aerospace industry.

This choice is what makes the behaviour of our masts among the most performing in the market. The characteristic that underlines this behaviour is called REFLEX i.e the ability to recover to flexing forces and reshape the sail in the shortest psossible time.

Our masts are continually tested by professional riders and undergo a programme of continous improvment. THE PERFORMANCE OF A MAST  CAN ONLY BE ASSESED ON THE WATER, this is why we reccomend you test our product on the water that is the ultimate response.