The New 2016 MX Collection

The New 2016 MX Collection

After more than 15 years writing the history of windsurfing, a speed world record, and having contributed to many victories in competitions , the MaverX RDM Stilo will be replaced by the new models MX 100, MX 85 and MX 70.

3 different models divided by their carbon percentage that share the same technology, a constant curve to better adapt to the new sails and the label “made in Italy”. During this summer we have been  testing them on the new 2016 sails already available here in Tenerife, Canary Islands. We have improved them both on performance and weight by redesigning the carbon layout and the carbon fibers distribution reaching the among the top lightest on the market. Technical details will be available at the end of the month on our web site and available in shops as from mid November.


MX 100 Replica

Wave freestyle mast – 100% carbon prepreg. Made in Italy

Sizes 370-400-430-460

The new MaverX MX 100 contains  all the technology that both raw material and the knowledge of Reglass could possibly contribute to create. The three words  we had in mind while redesigning  our top line were  lightness, reflex, durability. To reach this goal we combined high module carbon fibers with a resin we developed in our company to prepare the “targeted”  prepreg i.e what makes the mast eventually .

The weight of the MX 100   is the lightest available on the market yet with a way more durable life. It is useless infact to claim lighter mast if they after all break easily. You, the windsurfer, know what is all about.

The MX 100 is extremely responsive ( higher reflex i.e more stable sail profile i.e better power control) and stable, and therefore a perfect choice in onshore typical conditions that are also gusty.

The MX 100 vs Superleggero: the MX 100 might be preferred not for the weight ( they are quite similar in this compartment) but when strong, gusty onshore conditions apply. If you are an agressive windsurfer ( you like overpowered conditions)  this is for sure a better choice and will definetly improve your action and amusement .

The curve is a constant curve that can fit perfectly  the vast majority of the available modern sails . Please rig the mast in front of your favoite shop and check by yourself. For sure you ll completely appreciate  the difference from other masts on the water.

The bottom is  coated with a protective transparent foil to protect the mast from scratches and dents plus reducing the wear of graphics caused by UV rays. The junction has an EVA clean cap to help preventing sand to stuck the top and bottom together. We suggest though when surfing on beaches of fine sands to cover the junction with a tape.

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