Freeride freestle slalom mast – 65% carbon prepreg. 100% Made in Italy

The Crossover mast  was developed for use across all disciplines from freestyle and freeride to slalom . It exhibits an optimal price/quality ratio with the level of technology, reliability and high performance that is typical of all MaverX products.  Designed to work with every brand  of crossover/freeride sail and no-cam slalom, this mast is the perfect all rounder for for riders looking for a reliable and light mast with a high carbon percentage.

Crossover masts use 65% carbon prepreg and, like all our masts, are manufactured at our own factory in Italy, to ensure and guarantee the ultimate quality that is the trademark of every MaverX product.

Sizes from 370-490.


Sect. Length/Cm Carbon IMCS Weights
SDM, constant curve 370 65% 17 1.580
SDM, constant curve 400 65% 19 1.970
SDM, constant curve 430 65% 21 2.050
SDM, constant curve 460 65% 25 2.210
SDM, constant curve 490 65% 29 2.350