Daytona Pro

Slalom race mast – 100% carbon prepreg. 100% Made in Italy

The highest performance mast made by MaverX thanks to use of advanced carbon fibers with extremely high-strenght mechanical characheristics. The fibres are impregnated to our design specification to achieve the caracteristics needed to excel in this extremely technical discipline.

Mast curves have been analysed, masts are tested extensevely and riders feedback noted. Each and every detail has been optimised. In this discipline the slightest difference in the rig can make a difference between winning or losing a race.

The new daytona Pro 430 and 460 featherweight masts feature an extremely high dynamic response. The 490 and 520 models suit modern slalom sails where brands tend to have a good balance between top speed and manoeuvrability.

Sizes: 430-460-490-520


Sect. Length/Cm Carbon IMCS Weights
SDM, constant curve 430 100% 21 1.520
SDM, constant curve 460 100% 25 1.650
SDM, constant curve 490 100% 29 2.100
SDM, constant curve 520 100% 32 2.250