Stilo 170 HeavyDuty

Freestyle wave freeride mast – 70% carbon prepreg.  100% Made in Italy

MaverX  sets new standards in performance and reliability at an affordable price. Following extensive testing with the newest freestyle and wave sails a new generation of mast has evolved, the Stilo 170 HD (heavy Duty) we’ve come up with the new evolution of the mast, the Stilo 170 Heavy Duty.

The curves on all models have been modified to match the characteristics of different sail sizes  and the boom area has been reinforced with a highly durable material.

These modifications  enhanced both the reflex and the manoeuvrability of the mast, smoothing  the ride and making the whole rig more stable, especially when overpowered. The new Stilo 170 HD is the perfect choice for hardcore on-shore conditions we usually have here in Europe.

Available sizes: 370 to 460.


Sect. Length/Cm Carbon IMCS Weights
RDM, constant curve 370 70% 17 1.550
RDM, constant curve 400 70% 19 1.750
RDM, constant curve 430 70% 21 2.150
RDM, constant curve 460 70% 25 2.300