Stilo 288

Wave freestyle mast – 85% carbon prepreg. 100% Made in Italy

The Stilo 288 is an 85% Wave-Freestyle mast, manufactured from  prepreg technology that ensures extremely high performance and a reflex response  that can greatly widens the usable wind range.

An excellent mast for wave riding that  really shines in side-offshore conditions . This level of performance  has been achieved  using top quality carbon fibres and optimising the whole design. . The mast is extremely easy to control, making reliability, responsiveness and dynamic reflex its key features.

The boom area has been reinforced with a high durability material. So too has the top of the mast an area often left exposed when used with vario top sails.

The bottom is coated with a protective transparent foil to protect the mast from UV rays, scratches and dents and reduces the wear of graphics.


Sizes 340-370-400-430


Sect. Length/Cm Carbon IMCS Weights
RDM constant curve 340 85% 16 1.400
RDM constant curve 370 85% 17 1.550
RDM constant curve 400 85% 19 1.850
RDM constant curve 430 85% 21 2.050