Stilo 300

Wave freestyle mast – 100% carbon prepreg. Made in Italy

The Stilo 3OO is a top performer, a competition mast, one of the most performing masts ever produced by MaverX. Using prepreg technology and a 100% carbon percentage, it is designed to achieve  a curve (constant)  that matches all new-generation sails, bringing out their maximum performance on the water.

The active behaviour of the mast makes it easier to get planing, especially in light or gusty winds conditions so often the case in European coasts , this allowing the rider to use smaller sails. It is an excellent and favorite mast for freestyling , a discipline in which acceleration is crucial . Furthermore in on-shore wave conditions , its reactive and explosive behaviour allows the rider to leave the impact zone as quickly as possible.

The boom area has been reinforced with a high durability material. So too, has the top of the mast. The bottom is coated wuith a protective transparent foil to protect the mast from UV rays , scratches and dents and reduces the wear of graphics.




Sect. Length/Cm Carbon IMCS Weights
RDM constant curve 370 100% 17 1.470
RDM constant curve 400 100% 19 1.490
RDM constant curve 430 100% 21 1.930
RDM constant curve 460 100% 25 2.150