Limited edition. Hardcore wave – 100% carbon prepreg-Made in Italy

The MaverX  Superleggero is one of the lightest and performing mast in the globe  ( 340 is <1 Kg)  created for competions and for  the toughest wave riders, those who sail in difficult and heavy conditions and need performance above all aspects.

It overenhances the performance of your sailing ; it s like having nothing on your hand especially when combined with a  slim boom and 3 or 4 light batten sail. The feeling is of a softer mast in the upper part ( this is also due to the smaller section of the section) . This is especially appreciated in more ideal conditions (side on, side off non gusty conditions) or when the wind is light and it s all matter of driving the board down to a huge wave having as less as possible push on your hands and a perfect control of the released power.

Superleggero vs MX 100: The choice is not on the weight ( both are the among the  lightest masts available on the market) but  more on their behaviour and your way of windsurfing. For acceleration especially in light conditions or  when used by surfers who like to surf underpowered the Superleggero is unbeatable.

The bottom is  coated with a protective transparent foil to protect the mast from scratches and dents plus reducing the wear of graphics caused by UV rays. The junction has an EVA clean cap to help preventing sand to stuck the top and bottom together. We suggest though when surfing on beaches of fine sands to cover the junction with a tape.

The Superleggero is a CONSTANT curve mast and fits perfectly on the majority of the sails in the market.






Sect. Length/Cm Carbon IMCS Weights
XXRDM ,constant curve 340 100% 16 980
XXRDM ,constant curve 370 100% 17 1.150
XXRDM ,constant curve 400 100% 19 1.350
XXRDM ,constant curve 430 100% 21 1.550