Who we are

MaverX produces the most performing windsurfing masts to get the best out of your rig whatever is your sail and boom. This is not a common achievement. Beyond this result there is a blend of 30 years of experience and passion.

The experience of the carbon fibre composite machining comes from Reglass Spa, an Italian Company, a world leader in this field.

Reglass has its premises in that small  Italian region that gathers what best the Italian technology is able to produce: Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini. These brands are have contributed to spread the usage of carbon and developed its technology. Full-blooded leaders that have possibly created something of tremendous importance: a stupendous passion for competing and  a constant desire to win.

Reglass has transmitted its know how through the passion of water sports by creating the Windsurfing Division that has given birth to the brand MaverX.

MaverX handles all the manufacturing processes in-house from the carbon fibre prepreg creation to the final quality controls and does not produce only technologically advanced Masts; indeed, MaverX strives after results. In the tradition of competing to win a greatest reward  has come when a  MaverX mast  helped Irish athlete Finian Maynard to set the new sailing world speed unbeaten for more than 11 years. He did the job with a standard production serie mast, the Stilo 300 RDM 400cm ( on a Naish Sail).

The Mast is concealed by the sail, you cannot see it. Yet it s importance is the same of a skelton on a human body. If this doesn t work well, all the muscles we might have are useless.

The MaverX collection is available on a very wide range to suite all styles and needs.  We want you on the water safe, happy and with a better chance to win in competitions. The rest of the job is up to you. Have fun!